The Social Disaster

Choke Cherry
Released 2014

Call it a dark supergroup with Jacob Swanson (Dad’s Acid, Planemo), Jake Larson (Manheat), Jesse Hoheisel (Portrait of Drowned Man) and Ryan Nelson (Bradical Boombox, the Farsights) teaming with gritty vocals from Rachel Phoenix to create what it calls “harrowing proto pop and garage soul.” Their groove is anchored in Larson’s distorted Moog bass tones that take flight using Phoenix’s raw power. The band debuted this past winter with fans of the band members’ other projects screaming a collective “yes, please.”

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

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Crash Test Dummies Concert Footage

The Crash Test Dummies recreated the performances of SONGS OF THE UNFORGIVEN (2004 release) at the Sacred Heart Church in Duluth in a live concert on Oct 12. Along with Suzie Roach (Roach Sisters) and the band, Low, CTD recorded some of their greatest hits in this unique setting and taped the performance on High […]

Low ~ Point Of Disgust Video

Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk (from LOW) perform “Point of Disgust” at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth Minnesota during a recording of AUDIO-FILES. Audio and video was recorded live on location.