Iron Country

Iron Country
Spinout Records
Released 2003
Recorded and mixed by Tom Fabjance
Mastered by Bernie Larsen

Spinout Records invited folks from the Cuyuna, Mesabi and Gogebic Iron Range areas to help record a new compilation called IRON COUNTRY. Over the past year, pickers and grinners from the region congregated at Sacred Heart Studio. Located in a de-sanctified cathedral in the iron-shipping hub of Duluth, inspiration was drawn from the studio’s view of ships arriving and departing the oar docks that line the harbor on Lake Superior.

Haley Bonar, Bellwether, Charlie Parr, Erik Koskinen, Ol’ Yeller, Doug Ellis with Brian Lee, Dana Thompson and the almost Canadians, Father Hennepin, White Iron Band and Frostbitten Grass.

Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.

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Crash Test Dummies Concert Footage

The Crash Test Dummies recreated the performances of SONGS OF THE UNFORGIVEN (2004 release) at the Sacred Heart Church in Duluth in a live concert on Oct 12. Along with Suzie Roach (Roach Sisters) and the band, Low, CTD recorded some of their greatest hits in this unique setting and taped the performance on High […]

Low ~ Point Of Disgust Video

Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk (from LOW) perform “Point of Disgust” at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth Minnesota during a recording of AUDIO-FILES. Audio and video was recorded live on location.